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31 December, 2011

New years resolutions

Hi all you witches and wizards! Now i know a lot of blogers  have been doing this but i`m going to do this too. MY new years resolution!  Ah.. 2011 a great year for me:

Wizard 101 stuff that i did this year:
-get to level 60
- start a 2nd account
-help Ditto beat Malistare
-Went to a lot of awesome party's
-Started this blog
-Made lots of awesome new friends
-Got a super bundle

Irl things:

-went to many bar/ bat mitsvah`s
-started bar mitsvah lessons
- got a kindle fire
- parents got new windows for house ( who wouldn`t want new windows :P)
-got new glasses

My goals for 2012:

w101 goals for 2012:

-Get my level 32 storm wizard to level 70
-Get my second account guy to lvl 20
-start a large garden
-spam KI freegames rewards

Irl goals for 2012:

-Get ggood grades
_learn how toeat healther
-Make more irl friends!
-learn how to chant torah with out trope or vowels!

Happy new years eve every one! have a great new year!

See you in the spiral in 2012!
-Elijah light thief

23 December, 2011

w101 birthday party review

Hello every one!  today i am going to give a review of my party from the 22nd (Dec.). Alright so i`ll say the good news first: i had 4 people with me which isn`t a lot but i`ll take any thing! alright now for the inprovments:

1. I could have decorated a little more and neater

2. I should have put a notice of my party on monday so more people would have known about it

3. i should have planned some activities so people might be/stay there longer.

In all it was a great little party it only lasted 45 miunites though. Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts or just came THANKS SO MUCH! :D

See you in the spiral!

-Elijah Light Thief

22 December, 2011

My birthday and party!

Alright witches and wizards i am going to have a party in my MFP today as my birthday party because today is my actual birthday!

When: 3:45 PST)
where: my MFP; go to ice tower realm wu and ill pick all you up at 3:45 with my port bus elijah light thief death lvl 10

occasion: my birthday!

See you in the spiral!!!

-Elijah light thief

13 December, 2011

How to create a wizard 101 menorah

Hi everyone it has been a while since i have done a good length post well today i am going to make a guide on how to make a menorah. So, what you need is 9 small candles, 9 sledge hammers, 1 floor torch, 1 tatami mat, 2  labeled crates and a blue runner or a large watcher rug.   First step: place the tatami mat down place the blue runner(BR) and large watch rug down(LWR). like so:
Place the rug by the small blue trim rug (sbtr) on the crate and move the crate like this:

Now place 4 mallets  and a torch on on the LWR:
 Now, take the other box and stack it on the box and rug like this:

Now see the little pieces of the mallet sticking out? we are going to put the candles there except for the torch.

Now sorry i didn`t tell you this earlier but your going to need another box to make the rug higher. Now you need to put the candle on top of the malet.
THen move the boxes away and now you have a menorah perfect for Hanukkah. :D
(and yes i am Jewish that's why i`m doing this)

Alright you guys see you in the spiral!
-Elijah light thief

03 December, 2011


Hi everyone! i am here to show you my progress of my storm wizard :D here`s a pic:
Now for my video  link of me casting the lvl 68 spell for ice in the test realm: I`ll be posting again very soon i promise!

See you in the spiral! -Elijah light thief

26 October, 2011

New pet hybrid???

IS this pet a  boar hybrid?

  See you in the spiral!!
-Elijah light thief

18 September, 2011

stone block tips + my secret celestial observatory project!

Hey every one sorry i have been silent for a while with school and everything. But here are some ways  to find stone blocks i got a response in spiral live`s chat room!: Lots of stone blocks in ds academy. lots of ore there too.
MorgrimTrollfriend: ummm, everywhere once you star Krok XD
MorgrimTrollfriend: I've found a ton in the Anetheum behind the buildings
elijah light thief: ty for tips! :)
FlameGirl: yeah there too
MorgrimTrollfriend: if you find a place with some, then you just switch through realms. Then you can get a lot :)

That`s my stone block tips now for my secret project: Building my celestial observatory! For the past 2 months i have been working on my own celestial observatory! I got all the regents and pieces to build it and i crafted it as of 5:45 PST! (SIde note: i got a one month sub!) So i will be holding another contest for answering this question: What  2 schools of w101 do you like the most and why. I will be choosing winners via the contest ends Sunday 9/25/11 in the morning PST the winners (there will be 2) will get a tier 4 KI free games code! Good luck!

Cya in the spiral!'

P.S I`ll be working on your code very soon Vanessa.

P.P.S Here is a Pic of my observatory and also For the cure on the w101 cancer walk!

08 August, 2011

Sounds of w101 part one the myth attack spells. + contest 3.5

Hi every body! today i am going to do a guide on the sounds of wizard 101 spells. I am making this guide for people who are sadly deaf in our community  like kelsey fire heart and  Diana wild heart.So today i am going to try as best as i can i`ll start with the myth spells:

Blood bat sounds: 1. he shoots the green blood sound: bleh

            2.When he flyies around the opponent sound: vrooom

Troll sounds:1. when the troll hits the ground with his club: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2. when he jumps on you:Arrrrrrr!

cyclops( level 10 spell) sounds:  1. oppp  x blows x pow!
2.  ahh pow!

humongofrog sounds: Blehh!

Minitour sounds:hoo oa! boom  vrroomp.

Orauthus: howllllll!! Ruff ruff ruff ruff OWwwwwwwwww!

Meadusea: hissa! haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ninja pigs: hoa wih o yea! o yea o yea goo a kabeep.

That is all i have on the sounds of w101 today. I hope i did an ok job probaly got it all wrong. Any way so contest 3.5 is to answer this question by commenting and put your e mail there your email there: what pet is this:

See in the spiral!

P.s who ever wins gets a tier 4 ki free games code! :D

Elijah out!

31 July, 2011

my Road trip! + contest 3!

Hello fellow wizards and witches today i am going to talk about my real life road trip and contest at the bottom.
So my road trip: 1st  i went to Glacier national park! the bottom of the park it self was very boring but i got to see a river! Then the real fun began climbing on snow for a few hundred feet grrr, i got to tired so i stopped and went back down to the car. Then we went to jelly stone! i mean yellow stone! I got to see elk which are Ethan `s lol. I got to see a bear! it was so awesome ! Then i went to grand Tetons national park i got to see a lot of  mosquito i HATE mosquitoes and i got to see the grand teton it self. here is a pic of the bear:

Now for contest! for ki free games codes! so the contest this time is going to be a little diffrent. On 8/6/11 We are all going to do a practice derby and ill be one of the racers as with 3 other people so to enter Rsvp to the contest by commenting below and ill choose players to race in my entries using  and ill email the codes to the winners. now 1 more thing: i got Bubba up to epic here are his current stats:

Good stats huh? any way on that note...

See ya in the spiral!

Elijah out!

23 July, 2011

Contest 2 winners! :D

hi every one today i would like to announce the contest winners! for first place on getting a tier 5 code goes to...
TALON TUNDER BLADE! the winner for second place is...  Malorn ghost rider! winning a tier 4 code! and last but not least for a 4 tier code in 3rd place is... Tara dark gem! congrats to all my contest winners and thanks every that entered for entering it made it a lot more fun! i1ll post in another 2 weeks seeing as i am going on a road trip with my cousins! XD Ill email the winners shortly!

See ya in the spiral

-elijah light thief out for a week! XD

18 July, 2011

Contest 2!

Hi every one I have got Cody to level 31 and he is questing in new get prison. Now for my weekly contest for KI free games codes! (tier 4 of course 3 of them) So this weeks question is: what music/sound track in w101 do you like best? reply with your answers you gussed it by commenting below the contest ends on saturday the 23rd! i look foward to your entries and put your email below so i can contact you and give you the codes for my 1st ,2nd and 3rd place winners!
1ST PLACE WINNER WILL RECIEVE TEIR 5 CODE all the rest will get teir 4 codes. and i will be using to judge them.
See ya in the spiral!

 x Crackle crackle x

-Elijah light thief

17 July, 2011


Hi every one the contest has ended congrats to Tara dark gem,Justin Shadow blade and Anonymous for winning KI free games codes! i hope to hold another contest for ki free games codes soon! i will e-mail the winners shortly.Also my diary picture of the day is:
                                                         Elijah standing near his bar.

see ya in the spiral! 

elijah  light thief out!

14 July, 2011


Alright hi every body! today there is a contest! here are the contest detailes: you must answer this question: What aspect of housing do you like most and why? The prizes: 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners will each get 1 ki free games code to enter you must be following my blog and  comment on the bottem and leave me your email so i can contact you  if you win. The contest ends on sunday the 17th i look foward to your entries!

See you in the spiral!

Elijah light thief out!

winter tusk and malistare plus contest!

Hi sorry for not posting in such a long while. just so you know i can`t  upload any videos for a while sorry youtube and blog spot won`t process the i`ll hopefully get it done some time. Lets get down to buissness.
so wintertusk has came out! i got to the end of that cold world (that is my  favroite world.) I got my level 58 pet! he is a ice wyvern his name is henry. He is also my pet of the week! Here are to of my youtube vid this is video of cody when he was in wizard city. Now cody is in krokotopia and now he is level 26.I have my balance at legend wait for it... dary. John got his judge pet!  
here are some some screen shots:
                                              bailey jumping into the battle first


                                                   Here is Henry doing the maze game.

                                          John hanging out with his judge pet in koto`s dojo.
                                              Me getting a picture with friendly`s family. :)

                                Me and bailey taking a picture in her MSP (massive sultans palace.)

                                            My duel circle in my MFP   (massive fantasy palace.)
                                                  My imp armies! LOL and my floating pot!

                                                     My room with my own personal bar.

                                               2 ships locked in a battle for the blue chest.

                                                  My prickly pear or  x cough cough x prickly bear cactus.

john and his judge pet

                                                          My fog unicorn grove :)

                                                              Cody`s look right now  :)
                                                               cody`s stats right now
                                                    John studying/reading the spirals past.
 john`s very own bar complete with coustomors and a bar tender

                                                      john`s room with his many pets.

I`ll have the contest details tomorrow happy wizarding and see you in the spiral
-Elijah light thief out!

10 May, 2011

wintertusk comes to the live realm tomorrow! also update notes pached from w101 site

Hi today i just got some infromation from the test lancher that Wintertusk is coming to the live realm tomorrow! ok here is the update notes:
Welcome to the April 2011 Update Notes. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates. 

This month's update includes the new world of Wintertusk, new spells, new pets, new badges, new underwater area for all levels, new level 60 gauntlet with unique rewards, wand stitching and much more 

Update History

To view previous update notes and learn about all the changes made to Wizard101, select a month below.
 2011 Apr-Test Realm
 2011 Feb-Celestia Housing
 2010 Dec-Gardening
 2010 Oct-Celestia, New Schools, Level 60
 2010 Sep-Celebrity Guest in the Spiral
 2010 Jul-Celestia Preview
 2010 May-Advanced Pets
 2009 Dec-School Housing
 2009 Oct-Mounts, Crowns Shop
 2009 Jul-Grizzleheim, Bazaar, Crafting
 2009 May-Castles & Lands, Voiceovers
 2009 Apr-Quest Help, New Spells, PvP
 2009 Mar-Voiceovers, Shared Bank
 2009 Feb-True Friends, Booster Packs
 2009 Jan-Dragonspyre Opens
 2008 Oct-Access Passes

These updates are only available
in the TEST REALM at this time.
For more information on how to participate in the Test Realm please click this link

Introducing Wintertusk!


The Story of Grizzleheim Continues with Wintertusk!
Word of your deeds in Grizzleheim has reached the ears of the greatest of the ravens, none other than Grandmother Raven herself. She's calling you to rescue her from the Coven.... 

You will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Blood Brother" quest in Grizzleheim. If you have completed this quest, speak to Merle Ambrose who will give you the quest "Cold News". If he does not have the quest 'Cold News' for you, have haven't completed the "Blood Brother" quest. 

When you begin your quest to rescue Grandmother Raven, you will be sent to Hrundle Fjord, the main area in Wintertusk. 

Hrundle Fjord is a small walled Viking-style village, primarily inhabited by bear warriors and traders. There is a small dock outside where merchants and warriors enter the area. It’s remote and cold, perpetually covered in snow, and it’s among the older places in Grizzleheim. The surrounding areas are full of wild creatures and barbarians. 

Wintertusk contains 5 main areas: Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund and the areas of Nordrilund & Nastrond are bundled together. Each of these areas are Premium areas that will require a Membership to enter, or individual areas will be available to be purchased with Crowns when Wintertusk arrives in the Live Game. Each area will be 1995.

Roaming Mounts and New Pets!

Roaming Mounts
Set your Mounts free! Just like pets, mounts can now be placed in a house and allowed to roam about, and yes that includes the brooms and wings!
New Pets!
New pets can be obtained through a quest given to you by your school Professor! You must be at least level 58and have completed the Grizzleheim quest "Nordrilund Exposure" and your previous level 48 Pet/Spell quest to obtain this quest.
For a sneak peek at these features, watch this video.

New Spells!

New Spells for All Schools!
New spells are available for players at level 35 and 55. If you are above the level requirements, and have completed the required quests listed below, speak to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town. 

This is a departure from how spells are usually trained, so please follow the instructions you are given. 

The spells for players who are a minimum of level 35 will be a new utility spell inline with the other spells players are used to seeing from their class. For example, Storm Players will gain access to a new Stormblade that allows them to dump power pips to make their next spell even more powerful. Nobody beats in a Storm Wizard when it comes to pure damage right? 

Players who are a minimum of level 35 and who have completed the Grizzleheim quest "Blackbird in a Cage" will be invited to speak to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town who will give you a quest named "I Know a Guy...". 

The spells for players who are a minimum of level 55 spell will be an upgrade of an existing spell that makes it even more useful to high level players. For Fire Wizards this means that Link will now be upgraded to Power Link; a much more effective version of the old spell that allows Fire Wizards to heal themselves considerably better while dropping a big damage over time spell on their opponents. 

Players who are a minimum of level 55 and who have completed the Grizzleheim quest "Thief of Spells" will be invited to speak to Baldur Goldpaws in Northguard who will give you the quest "The Spell Trade".

A Return to Crab Alley

Return to Crab Alley!
If you are level 12 or higher, speak to Sohomer Sunblade in Triton Avenue for a special assignment called "Trouble Underfoot". Remember Sohomer is at the top of the set of teleporters behind Blad Raveneye. This assignment will lead you to Crab Alley where you will learn what became of the residents after their brush with fame. Be sure to pick up your rockstar outfit while you're there.


Are you Legendary enough?
A new dungeon for high level Wizards in Crab Alley called the Waterworks! Blad Raveneye needs help with an emergency in underwater Crab Alley! Something strange is going on in the river depths, threatening the whole street! Venture into dark, unknown tunnels beneath Triton Avenue and set things right! Solve complicated puzzles, battle vicious underwater minions, duel tricksy bosses, and stop a sinister plot! 

Crab Alley is no longer a free to play area, and will require Membership or Crowns when it opens in the Live Game. This area will cost 750.

Crown Shop Updates

Crown Shop Updates
The Crown Shop has some updates that should make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for in a faster manner.
  1. More tabs! More tabs for all the items you want to shop for make it easier for you to see everything available.
  2. Search! Look in the upper right corner for a search function to help you find an item by name.
  3. Saved Preferences! If you prefer to view in list mode these preferences will be saved so that next time you open the Crown Shop, you'll see what you want to see.
  4. Combat Tab! In combat, when you open the Crown Shop, the Henchman tab will be the tab that appears. This should make choosing a Henchman faster and easier.

Wand Stitching

Wand Stitching
Eloise has been improving her skills and she can now take the stats of one casting implement (wand, sword, etc) and place it onto the appearance of another casting implement (wand, sword etc.) Just like stitching clothing, follow her instructions carefully to ensure you choose the right items for the right effects! This transaction costs Crowns.

Privacy Update

Hidden from Friends
A new feature in the Options Menu is the ability to set yourself to be Hidden from Friends. If you set this option, your friends panel will not be accessible and you will not appear as being online to your friends. To turn this option off, you can simply click on your friends panel to become available again.

Quest Updates

Quest Updates
  • Players will no longer be able to decline main line required quests in Wizard City & Krokotopia.

  • Some quests in Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre and Celestia now have minimum level requirements to receive the quest.

  • Marleybone - The following quests in Marleybone require that you be a minimum of level 20 to receive the quest:
    1. The Right Combination
    2. Gate is Enough
    3. If you Build It...
    4. It's Alive!
    5. Metal Madness
    1. More Metal Madness
    2. Stealthy Stuff
    3. No Entry
    4. Safe Crackers
    5. Purloin the Plans
    1. Bully the Boss
    2. Knock on Wood
    3. War of the Weird
    4. The Invincible Man
    5. The Crime Machine
    Mooshu - The following quests in Mooshu require that you be a minimum of level 30 to receive the quest:
    1. The General
    2. A Strong Defense
    3. a Good Defense
    4. Scouring for Scouts
    5. A Soldier's Duty
    1. Battle of Evermore
    2. Warlord Katsumori
    3. Stone Cold
    4. Passing Stones
    5. Left Behind
    1. Quest of Faith
    2. Tree of Life
    3. River Temple
    4. Summoning the Spirit
    Dragonspyre - The following quests in Dragonspyre require that you be a minimum of level 40 to receive the quest:
    1. Bridge to Over There
    2. Jail Break
    3. The Den of the Dean
    1. Cloak and Danger
    2. Staff Direction
    3. The Lesser Evil
    1. Back to the Beginning
    2. The Vault of Fire
    Celestia - The following quests in Celestia require that you be a minimum of level 50 to receive the quest:
    1. Dark Side of the Moon
    2. Pylon Raiders
    1. Tears of the Sun
    2. The Sun Also Rises
    1. The Big Guy
    2. Trail of the Spheres
    1. The quest "The Dragon Gate" will require you to use a transformation that will be given to you when you interact with a cauldron. If you already have a transformation on you when this quest transformation is given, your old transformation is put in "Stasis" until the new one is removed. For example, if you have 17 minutes remaining on a Gobbler Transformation that was a Crown purchase and you accept the quest that grants a Raven Transformation, then once the Raven Transformation wears off you will still have 17 minutes remaining on your Gobbler Transformation.

    Spell Updates

    Spell Updates
    Several spells have changed, so please pay close attention to this section.
    1. Notification on Stun Fail - Bosses can’t be stunned, now there is notification of such fact!
    2. Spells can now both be a damage spell and a charm, which means they will react properly to enchantments.
    3. Many spells that are variations of the original will now look more like they should - ie the Life Banshee will be green and not look like the Death Banshee. Look for these updates in various spells.
    4. Being stunned now only generates one stun shield.
    5. Fire
    6. Link card now does damage and heal on first round.
    7. Ice
    8. Ice Colossus Spell will have its damage increased from 460-540 to 500-580.
    9. Stun Block Spell now gives 2 Stun block shields, is only available through Diego the Duelmaster and requires a rank of Private to train.
    10. Life
    11. Sprite Queen's heal over time now heals for 60, then 333 over three rounds.
    12. Lifebane will no longer be cast by the Sprite Guardian, or available as a Treasure Card. The Sprite Guardian has Spirit Armor now, instead of Lifebane.
    13. Death
    14. Empower cards can no longer critical.
    15. Empower cards Damage to self now is now 300 (was 500)
    16. Empower Treasure Card Damage to self now 250 (was 400)
    17. Empower - Amulet Card Damage to self now 250 (was 400)
    18. Empower - Pet Card Damage to self now 300 (was 500)
    19. Doom & Gloom will now do -65% to all healing spells.
    20. Players will no longer become stuck on the wrong team when Beguile is cast back to back on both teams.
    21. Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Drain spells.
    22. Storm
    23. Cleanse Charm now cost 0 pips.
    24. The odds of self-destructing with the Insane Bolt spell are 20%
    25. Myth
    26. Earthquake no longer removes stun shields.
    27. Pierce now cost 0 pips.
    28. Balance
    29. Minion donated pips will no longer disappear if the Mander minion dies in that round.
    30. Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Power Nova.
    31. Moon
    32. The Polymorph Gobbler spell now has 90% stun resist when in Gobbler form.
    33. Treasure & Pet
    34. Some Spell Cards had their spell card descriptions updated to accurately reflect how much damage the spells actually do - please note, the actual damage has not changed, just the text on the card is now accurate.
      1. Heckhound Treasure Card will now correctly state 135 damage per pip over 3 rounds.
      2. Storm Hound Treasure Card will now correctly state 150 damage per pip over 3 rounds.
      3. Storm Hound Pet Card will now correctly state 130 damage per pip over 3 rounds.

    Miscellaneous Updates

    Clothing Updates
    1. Diego now sells Stun Resist gear.
    2. Bear's Heart Jerkin will now give the Vaporize Spell.
    3. Jerkin of the Howling Bear will now give Dissipate spell.
    4. Some clothing items lost their special patterns, and those patterns have returned to the following items:
      1. Krohotep's Vestment
      2. Krokopatra's Silent Cloak
      3. Krokopatra's Garments
      4. Karanahn's Parched Tunic
      1. Scavenger's Radiant Robe (female version)
      2. Quixotic Robes
      3. Shroud of Rationality

    Pet Updates
    1. The spell card information you see when an egg first hatches will now be visible in the Pet Section of your Journal

    Gardening Updates
    1. Grandmaster Gardening Rank progress bar appears properly filled.
    2. Silver Trumpet Vines will no longer reward the Treasure Card 'Balance Blade' but have a chance of rewarding 'Spirit Shield' and 'Elemental Shield' instead.
    3. Prickly Bear was changed to be level 5 to match the level requirement on the soil it is planted in.
    4. There is now a maximum number of times that you can harvest an individual plant.
    5. Gardening Spell now casts at point initially clicked.
    6. Enchanted Soil spells now remove the correct amount of energy.
    7. All plants within an area of effect spell circle now are all affected by spell.

    Crafting Updates
    1. Crafted Items now have an icon to indicate they were crafted (similar to the Crowns icon). You will see this icon in your backpack and in the Bazaar.
    2. Sandstone will now be available as a very rare reagent harvest when you harvest Stone Blocks.
    3. Many Celestia crafted wands are improved! The following wands have been updated:
      1. Staff of Stasis
      2. Wicked Wand
      3. Volcanic Staff
      4. Rod of Rime
      1. Everlasting Staff
      2. Storied Spyglass
      3. Trident of Typhoons

    Miscellaneous Updates
    1. School Mastery Amulets are now available as rare drops from boss creatures in Wintertusk.
    2. Level 60 Henchmen will now be able to gain powerpips after the first turn.
    3. Your Pip % chance on your character page will now match your pet page.
    4. School Mastery Amulets are now available as drops from boss creatures in Wintertusk.
    5. Statues are no longer "Limit 1"
    6. The phrase "Please may I join" has been added to Menu Chat
    7. Diego will no longer prompt players to freely join a duel in progress.
    8. Odji Sokkwi now has the correct resists and boosts.
    9. The Tutorial will now have a progress bar to indicate how long new players (normally those on slower connections) will have to wait before Merle summons them to his office.
    10. Auction house will now update quantities on a failed purchase.
    11. Players will no longer be able to add themselves to their own friends list, and those who encountered this bug will automatically be removed from their own friends list.
    12. Dark Sprite Queen is no longer dropping pet snacks.
    13. The Marleybone Quest "Burning Books" will have a much more helpful Quest Arrow
    14. The following emoticons have been reintroduced to Text Chat:
      1. :-D
      2. :D
      3. ;-D
      1. ;D
      2. XD
      3. :-P
      1. :P
      2. ;-P
      3. ;P

    The things i like the most are: 1. roaming mounts
                                                    2.of coure wintertusk
                                                    3.lvl 58 pets
                                                  4. new spells!    
                                                 5.wand stiching!
                                                  6. new mounts!

                                             See you in the spiral!