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31 December, 2011

New years resolutions

Hi all you witches and wizards! Now i know a lot of blogers  have been doing this but i`m going to do this too. MY new years resolution!  Ah.. 2011 a great year for me:

Wizard 101 stuff that i did this year:
-get to level 60
- start a 2nd account
-help Ditto beat Malistare
-Went to a lot of awesome party's
-Started this blog
-Made lots of awesome new friends
-Got a super bundle

Irl things:

-went to many bar/ bat mitsvah`s
-started bar mitsvah lessons
- got a kindle fire
- parents got new windows for house ( who wouldn`t want new windows :P)
-got new glasses

My goals for 2012:

w101 goals for 2012:

-Get my level 32 storm wizard to level 70
-Get my second account guy to lvl 20
-start a large garden
-spam KI freegames rewards

Irl goals for 2012:

-Get ggood grades
_learn how toeat healther
-Make more irl friends!
-learn how to chant torah with out trope or vowels!

Happy new years eve every one! have a great new year!

See you in the spiral in 2012!
-Elijah light thief

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