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31 July, 2011

my Road trip! + contest 3!

Hello fellow wizards and witches today i am going to talk about my real life road trip and contest at the bottom.
So my road trip: 1st  i went to Glacier national park! the bottom of the park it self was very boring but i got to see a river! Then the real fun began climbing on snow for a few hundred feet grrr, i got to tired so i stopped and went back down to the car. Then we went to jelly stone! i mean yellow stone! I got to see elk which are Ethan `s lol. I got to see a bear! it was so awesome ! Then i went to grand Tetons national park i got to see a lot of  mosquito i HATE mosquitoes and i got to see the grand teton it self. here is a pic of the bear:

Now for contest! for ki free games codes! so the contest this time is going to be a little diffrent. On 8/6/11 We are all going to do a practice derby and ill be one of the racers as with 3 other people so to enter Rsvp to the contest by commenting below and ill choose players to race in my entries using  and ill email the codes to the winners. now 1 more thing: i got Bubba up to epic here are his current stats:

Good stats huh? any way on that note...

See ya in the spiral!

Elijah out!

23 July, 2011

Contest 2 winners! :D

hi every one today i would like to announce the contest winners! for first place on getting a tier 5 code goes to...
TALON TUNDER BLADE! the winner for second place is...  Malorn ghost rider! winning a tier 4 code! and last but not least for a 4 tier code in 3rd place is... Tara dark gem! congrats to all my contest winners and thanks every that entered for entering it made it a lot more fun! i1ll post in another 2 weeks seeing as i am going on a road trip with my cousins! XD Ill email the winners shortly!

See ya in the spiral

-elijah light thief out for a week! XD

18 July, 2011

Contest 2!

Hi every one I have got Cody to level 31 and he is questing in new get prison. Now for my weekly contest for KI free games codes! (tier 4 of course 3 of them) So this weeks question is: what music/sound track in w101 do you like best? reply with your answers you gussed it by commenting below the contest ends on saturday the 23rd! i look foward to your entries and put your email below so i can contact you and give you the codes for my 1st ,2nd and 3rd place winners!
1ST PLACE WINNER WILL RECIEVE TEIR 5 CODE all the rest will get teir 4 codes. and i will be using to judge them.
See ya in the spiral!

 x Crackle crackle x

-Elijah light thief

17 July, 2011


Hi every one the contest has ended congrats to Tara dark gem,Justin Shadow blade and Anonymous for winning KI free games codes! i hope to hold another contest for ki free games codes soon! i will e-mail the winners shortly.Also my diary picture of the day is:
                                                         Elijah standing near his bar.

see ya in the spiral! 

elijah  light thief out!

14 July, 2011


Alright hi every body! today there is a contest! here are the contest detailes: you must answer this question: What aspect of housing do you like most and why? The prizes: 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners will each get 1 ki free games code to enter you must be following my blog and  comment on the bottem and leave me your email so i can contact you  if you win. The contest ends on sunday the 17th i look foward to your entries!

See you in the spiral!

Elijah light thief out!

winter tusk and malistare plus contest!

Hi sorry for not posting in such a long while. just so you know i can`t  upload any videos for a while sorry youtube and blog spot won`t process the i`ll hopefully get it done some time. Lets get down to buissness.
so wintertusk has came out! i got to the end of that cold world (that is my  favroite world.) I got my level 58 pet! he is a ice wyvern his name is henry. He is also my pet of the week! Here are to of my youtube vid this is video of cody when he was in wizard city. Now cody is in krokotopia and now he is level 26.I have my balance at legend wait for it... dary. John got his judge pet!  
here are some some screen shots:
                                              bailey jumping into the battle first


                                                   Here is Henry doing the maze game.

                                          John hanging out with his judge pet in koto`s dojo.
                                              Me getting a picture with friendly`s family. :)

                                Me and bailey taking a picture in her MSP (massive sultans palace.)

                                            My duel circle in my MFP   (massive fantasy palace.)
                                                  My imp armies! LOL and my floating pot!

                                                     My room with my own personal bar.

                                               2 ships locked in a battle for the blue chest.

                                                  My prickly pear or  x cough cough x prickly bear cactus.

john and his judge pet

                                                          My fog unicorn grove :)

                                                              Cody`s look right now  :)
                                                               cody`s stats right now
                                                    John studying/reading the spirals past.
 john`s very own bar complete with coustomors and a bar tender

                                                      john`s room with his many pets.

I`ll have the contest details tomorrow happy wizarding and see you in the spiral
-Elijah light thief out!