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31 July, 2011

my Road trip! + contest 3!

Hello fellow wizards and witches today i am going to talk about my real life road trip and contest at the bottom.
So my road trip: 1st  i went to Glacier national park! the bottom of the park it self was very boring but i got to see a river! Then the real fun began climbing on snow for a few hundred feet grrr, i got to tired so i stopped and went back down to the car. Then we went to jelly stone! i mean yellow stone! I got to see elk which are Ethan `s lol. I got to see a bear! it was so awesome ! Then i went to grand Tetons national park i got to see a lot of  mosquito i HATE mosquitoes and i got to see the grand teton it self. here is a pic of the bear:

Now for contest! for ki free games codes! so the contest this time is going to be a little diffrent. On 8/6/11 We are all going to do a practice derby and ill be one of the racers as with 3 other people so to enter Rsvp to the contest by commenting below and ill choose players to race in my entries using  and ill email the codes to the winners. now 1 more thing: i got Bubba up to epic here are his current stats:

Good stats huh? any way on that note...

See ya in the spiral!

Elijah out!


  1. Ill be there XD at the derby.