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14 July, 2011

winter tusk and malistare plus contest!

Hi sorry for not posting in such a long while. just so you know i can`t  upload any videos for a while sorry youtube and blog spot won`t process the i`ll hopefully get it done some time. Lets get down to buissness.
so wintertusk has came out! i got to the end of that cold world (that is my  favroite world.) I got my level 58 pet! he is a ice wyvern his name is henry. He is also my pet of the week! Here are to of my youtube vid this is video of cody when he was in wizard city. Now cody is in krokotopia and now he is level 26.I have my balance at legend wait for it... dary. John got his judge pet!  
here are some some screen shots:
                                              bailey jumping into the battle first


                                                   Here is Henry doing the maze game.

                                          John hanging out with his judge pet in koto`s dojo.
                                              Me getting a picture with friendly`s family. :)

                                Me and bailey taking a picture in her MSP (massive sultans palace.)

                                            My duel circle in my MFP   (massive fantasy palace.)
                                                  My imp armies! LOL and my floating pot!

                                                     My room with my own personal bar.

                                               2 ships locked in a battle for the blue chest.

                                                  My prickly pear or  x cough cough x prickly bear cactus.

john and his judge pet

                                                          My fog unicorn grove :)

                                                              Cody`s look right now  :)
                                                               cody`s stats right now
                                                    John studying/reading the spirals past.
 john`s very own bar complete with coustomors and a bar tender

                                                      john`s room with his many pets.

I`ll have the contest details tomorrow happy wizarding and see you in the spiral
-Elijah light thief out!


  1. Yay!! hii elijah!! nice picture with friendly's family! i need a picture like that! okay so my favorite thing about housing is that you can put pets in your house!!! and mounts!! oh and my email is hope i am lucky enough to win something :D