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18 September, 2011

stone block tips + my secret celestial observatory project!

Hey every one sorry i have been silent for a while with school and everything. But here are some ways  to find stone blocks i got a response in spiral live`s chat room!: Lots of stone blocks in ds academy. lots of ore there too.
MorgrimTrollfriend: ummm, everywhere once you star Krok XD
MorgrimTrollfriend: I've found a ton in the Anetheum behind the buildings
elijah light thief: ty for tips! :)
FlameGirl: yeah there too
MorgrimTrollfriend: if you find a place with some, then you just switch through realms. Then you can get a lot :)

That`s my stone block tips now for my secret project: Building my celestial observatory! For the past 2 months i have been working on my own celestial observatory! I got all the regents and pieces to build it and i crafted it as of 5:45 PST! (SIde note: i got a one month sub!) So i will be holding another contest for answering this question: What  2 schools of w101 do you like the most and why. I will be choosing winners via the contest ends Sunday 9/25/11 in the morning PST the winners (there will be 2) will get a tier 4 KI free games code! Good luck!

Cya in the spiral!'

P.S I`ll be working on your code very soon Vanessa.

P.P.S Here is a Pic of my observatory and also For the cure on the w101 cancer walk!


  1. O my favorite two schools are, of course death! and balance.
    Death because you dont have to heal as you attack because it heals you and balance because no other school resists balance except balance itself ;p also the blades and traps for balance can be used for anything! hope to win da contest! XD

    email is:

  2. Adam MoonRunner: working on the celestial observatory. I have 6 crystal street lamps and 7 star chalices left. Everything else is here with Adam.