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20 April, 2012

The email from ki about book

Hi every one i think there might be a little confusion why i can`t write my book or what email KI sent me so i will post them here:
Me: Hello! this is Elijah light thief one of your wizards. I run a blog and i just had an idea. To create a w101 book with the wizard 101 story in my characters point of view. Can i do that? or is there a copyright issue? Can you please let me know? 

--Elijah L.

ki: Hello young Wizard,
We appreciate that our players want to expand on the Wizard101 story, however by participating in Wizard101, you acknowledge that you've read the Terms of Use located here:

These terms of use clearly state:

You may not copy, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display or perform, republish, store, transmit or distribute any of the material on this site.
“Site” means web sites of the Company and its affiliates, including any web sites on which these terms and conditions of use are posted. The “Site” may include access to virtual environments, games and other content, as well as downloadable software.

In simpler terms, young Wizard, we cannot allow you to create works using the Wizard101 intellectual property.

~Professor Greyrose

see you in the spiral!

16 April, 2012

I cannot write my book :(

Hi every one. I have some sad news. I cannot write the book because ki has said no to me so i guess i won`t write a book. BUT i will have a big post coming up in a week or two so don`t miss it!

-Elijah LightThief

07 April, 2012

New Wizard 101 book

Hey everyone! I am going to try and create a w101 book based off wizard101 it will have my charecter and some other wizards names. I still haven`t thought about what site i will use for the book but i will try tp find out tomorrow and hopefully start writing by Monday.

See you in the spiral!
-Elijah LightThief

06 April, 2012

Vlog 1

Hi every one! i made a vlog on live stream:
It is definitely not short the vlog is about 31 minutes. In my vlog i talk about some of the bosses in miorr lake, boss cheats, how i messed up my deck, brief story of Zafaria summery and ow much health the bosses have.

See you in the spiral!
-Elijah LightThief