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06 December, 2013

Sunken City Dungeon Guide!

Hello Wizard101ers! Today I am going to write about how to get through Sunken City as a life wizard! Spoilers follow! So If you do not want to be spoiled please do not read this post!

The first Boss: The Banshee Sisters
These are the same enemies that roam the street. Each one has 575 health and is death. What I did is I put  a life trap on one, then I shielded, then healed, and then attacked. Some treasure cards that I would recommend are: Giants, and reshuffle. I picked Giants because they will make your attacks stronger. I picked reshuffle so you could have more cards if you ran out of cards.
The second boss: Paulson
This boss is death and has two Banshee minions fighting along with her. Paulson has 875 health, and her minions have 575 health each. This was a really tough fight for me. The only way that I beat it is I shielded like crazy and saved up 8 pips for a forest lord treasure card, which does 600 damage to all enemies. I also packed a life blade and a satyr treasure card just in case.

Third boss; Norton
You will find Norton at the top of his tower, you have to fight up three floors to get to him. He has 870 health and his minions are myth and have 500 health. I would follow the same tactics as the last fight, but I would be prepared for life shields since myth enemies can shield to life and death attacks.

The final boss: Grubb
Now you must be tired and want to get out. But before your mission is complete you must face the final boss: Grubb! Grubb has 1000 health and is flanked by his two fire minions that have 675 health each! What I did on this fight was I got a fire shield amulet and shielded like crazy, and I healed when I was attacked. Then I used a forest lord treasure card to take care of the minions. Then I healed up and I put a life trap on grub and used a seraph to finish the dungeon!
Thanks for reading!
See you in the spiral!
-Elijah L.

15 November, 2013

Life Wizard Guide Levels 1-12

Hello people! This week I am going to write about Wizard101 as a life wizard. I am going to be writing about levels 1-12. These series of posts will focus on my Life Wizards journey throughout wizard101. In these guides my main goal is to discuss spells, strategies, and what you should wear throughout these adventures. I will have sections for each of my guides.

***WARNING*** this guide contains SPOILERS, if you do not want to be spoiled then you will want to skip these series of blog post.

Levels 1-5

By now you should of created a life wizard and gone through the tutorial, the tutorial will explain the basics of dueling but it does not expand on tricks for each school. I will start with explaining your first spell, imp. The imp card that you get costs 1 pip, and it hits for 65-105 damage, enough to defeat one Lost soul, skeletal pirate, and to almost defeat a dark fairy. Imp will be your main attack card till level Five, so for unicorn way I would recommend using your Imp and use your wand strike card that comes from your wand. When you get to the end of Unicorn way you get your first healing spell called fairy. Fairy heals you for 420 health. The best part about this spell is that you can heal anyone for that amount and not just yourself. The only thing that I would think challenging in unicorn way for new wizards is Rattle bones. Rattle bones has 135 health and his minion has 135 health, so this fight is two against one. I would recommend using imp and then using your wand strike, then I would recommend using fairy which heals you for 420 health. Then use imp and then wand strike, and you win!

Levels 5-7

By now you should have just completed Unicorn way if you did your sider quests, you should be level 5. When you talk to the headmaster, you get a potion bottle which restores your health and mana to full, it is very useful if you are lazy or need to get through a boss fight, you can use it before to make sure you have mana and suffeciant health to complete the battle. After giving you the potion Merle will send you to ravenwood to meet all of the professors, your professor is Moolinda Wu, and yes your teacher is a cow. When you go back to Ambrose you will get a spell called “Minor Blessing” which heals anyone for 65 health and it costs no pips, this is a great spell to cap others health or to revive someone, that was defeated. Also at level 5 you should go back and visit your teacher Moolinda will teach you the spell leprechaun which does 155-195 base damage for 2 pips, this is a great spell because you can now do more damage. You should start the 3 streets in Wizard city now. I would recommend doing Cyclops Lane, then Trition Avenue, then Firecat ally.

Level 7

At level 7 Moolina will call you to the classroom to get a new spell, she explains that you must visit Blossom, the life tree that will give you a flute. Then you must go to the bridge by the waterfall in the commons. When you get to the bridge a seraph appears and says encouraging words and gives you the unicorn spell. This spell heals all of your team mates for 275 health for each person. This spell costs 3 pips though so it is a little expensive. This spell is great because it allows you to heal each of your teammates, instead of you having to heal them individually.

Levels 8-12

At these levels you get your two shields at level 8 that take away 70% of the damage from myth and death until they are broken through. You should continue the attack pattern that you learned from 5 until level 11. At level 10 you get the spell sprite, which heals you for 50 health then 300 health over three rounds, this is your first heal over time spell, you get your next heal over time spell at level 28. At level 12 Moolinda again summons you to her classroom to learn a new spell, this spell is called Nature’s Wrath. First you have to go and talk to balestorm and he sends you back to moolina to go to the golem tower and collect parts from the top of the tower, to get the parts you will have to complete the golem tower. You should have no trouble if you remember to heal and bring your potion bottle. When you return to your teacher, you will have to go and summon your minion and then come back to Moolinda to get your spell! Nature’s Wrath does 240-300 damage, quite the good spell for boss fight.

Tune in next week to hear the adventures of my life wizard in crab ally, krokotopia, and in Sunken city! This will span from levels 13-30.  See ya next week Wizard101ers!



28 March, 2013

Make way for Elijah Legend Caller!

Hi everyone, today i would like to introduce my newest wizard Elijah Legend caller! For this wizard i will try to solo as much as possible maybe even the lower level dungeons once wizard city is done. (sunken city?) I will try to keep you all updated on his progress. I will post again when unicorn way is over with.
See ya on the spiral!