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30 April, 2011

New wizard coming

Hi today i made a new charecter after deleting elijah death wielder. His name is Cody light theif brother to elijah light theif. he is level 8 curently as i speak battleing skelital worriors to get armor for rand taymore.

See you in the spiral

28 April, 2011

Lucas hawk breazes adventures!

Today i have leveled lucas hawk brezze at level 16 and has a hydra pet that has pip o plenty and a selfish talent. His hydra is awesome  he got far today that is all.

See you in the spiral!

26 April, 2011

bloggers club

if anyone has a blog should leave it in the comments section below.
see you in the spiral!

24 April, 2011

pet of the week + other stuff

Hi everyone today i thought i would start a pet of the week sort of thing if i remember. I am going to do this because i want to show all the awesome pets out there! so the pet of the week is... Pet egg!

He is my pet of the week indeed! You can get him as a hybrid in the wizard city hatchery. To get him by hatching you have to mix a ice colossus and a wizard city pet shop dragon. The hatchable way is not how i got mine. You can also get him in the shopping district for 2000 crowns from eggbert. He gives you a tower shield card when you get him
As you see you can dye him in many different colors i picked mine to be black and blue. My pet egg also gives me four at the moment different talents. His talents are: 1.snow born-it gives one "upgraded blizzard card". 2. ice giver- this talent gives me five percent more ice damage to me added on to my clothes. 3. Ice trap- this talent may cast an ice trap when in battle it will not always work so do not take traps out your deck if you are an ice wizard that has this talent. now for the derby talents: this derby skill takes 10 morale from the leader and gives it to you when you are in the pet derby it takes 60 seconds to cool down. 2. Eat my dirt- This talent locks the pet behind you  to stay in that lane for 12 seconds. 3. Unbreakable- This talent gives you the power to be immune to debuffs from other players for 15 seconds it takes 60 seconds to cool down.
My pet egg is ancient his name is Bubba he has 118/125 strength he has 50/175 intellect he has 250/250 will he has 101/225 agility and he has 165/165 power.

Now on to Elijah Light thief: Elijah just got a life Minotaur i do not know where i got it. some tree in grizzil hiem probably a boss. So if you want one go farm the heck of those tree bosses. Elijah storm heart made level 24 and is now in the hall of champions. He has a pet that will be my next pet of the week! stay here in the next couple of days i will be posting a short tour of my MFP i am still finishing it this tour will be my stat of it in the future i will put another tour of the house also when it is complete.
Got to go back to house decorating. Crafting time  regents here i come!

See you in the spiral!

23 April, 2011

elijah`s new look

HI evreyone elijah right now has a new look with his awesome pet!

See you in the spiral!

18 April, 2011


I just got a pet egg yesterday it is so awesome! His name is Bubba and he is at teen level. He has two cards 1. blizzard 2. tower sheild. You can get yourself one at Eggbert in the shopping district. The price to get him is 2000 crowns. You can dye him any color you want which is awesome. He loves green grapes and i have 60 of them. here is a short video of him wandering around my house:

see you in the spiral!

13 April, 2011

New RR tonight

Tonight is a new ravenwoodradio episOde 38! I will be on at 8:00 on elijah l in trealm wraith it is 4-13-11 if you see me you can make freinds with me

See you in the spiral!

10 April, 2011

Wizard 101 news for me

I have been gardening a bunch! i have gotten to many plants to count but i will put boomshrooms instead of dandeloins [after i write this post] i got elijah alot of gold and if any one knows how to decorate a MFP  ideas  would be great! Just leave them in the comments below. i got 99 cat tails from dandeloines man they must like cattails. what should i plant?

See you in the spiral

08 April, 2011

roaming mounts + test realm?!

Today as most of you have heard Kingsile has anouncced Roaming mounts! i want a mount but i only have 1 crown also the test realm is online! Here is the link to the video for mounts:


See you in the spiral

03 April, 2011

Rewards from gardening

 Ok i may have not told you guys this but Elijah is a grandmaster gardener. This picture is the rewardes from his dandelion/ pink dandeloins:

See you in the spiral!

Pet rock?!

I want one of those pet rocks I mean who wouldn`t want a pet rock i mean it has eyes a powerful card and you can do somthing with it. I will post more later.

I will post some more later so stay here.

 see you in the spiral!

02 April, 2011

1st post!

Hi i have been playing this awesome game called wizard 101 it is so cool! i have been playing this game for 2 and a half years.  I have 6 characters 1. Elijah light Thief [my main] He is level 60 [Ice] He has a MFP [if you do not know what that means it is a Massive fantasy palace.} He has a enchanted broom [mount] His pet equipped is  adult Sir Otis [an ice colossus] also has his favorite badge that i have equipped is master of ice.Elijah has a field of dandelions in his house.
OK enough yapping about Elijah number 2. is John Earth Hammer he is a level 51 balance wizard. He has a pet hydra that is named Sir Jackson, Sir Jackson is a baby hydra. He has level 50 gear on it is from the 39 dollar gift card at Game Stop. His badge is Grand master sorcerer he also has a house not MFP but a small WC [wizard city] house. He has a griffin mount also from the Game Stop card. Now number 3. Cody Jade Heart my life wizard. Cody is level 30 He has a pet sea turtle [that has sprightly] named maximus his current badge is book worm. His mount is a chestnut pony his house is the same type my balance wizard has.
          Now number 4. is my storm wizard Elijah storm heart. He has no pets or mount his current badge is adept diviner. He is level 22 and has a small marlybone house to live in. He right now has 4 pink dandelions to take care of. Number 5. Elijah death wielder [Death] is level 19 he has a fierce hound [with sprightly] and you guessed it also came from the 39 dollar gift card. He has black wings for a mount has his dorm room as a house. Now last but not least it is my second balance wizard Lucas hawk breeze. Lucas is level 13 and his badge right now is initiate sorcerer. Lucas has a pet crabling from the crazed forest spirit in mushu. Lucas lives in his dorm room and he does not have a mount.

Phew hope you could read through all of that.

 See you in the spiral!