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02 April, 2011

1st post!

Hi i have been playing this awesome game called wizard 101 it is so cool! i have been playing this game for 2 and a half years.  I have 6 characters 1. Elijah light Thief [my main] He is level 60 [Ice] He has a MFP [if you do not know what that means it is a Massive fantasy palace.} He has a enchanted broom [mount] His pet equipped is  adult Sir Otis [an ice colossus] also has his favorite badge that i have equipped is master of ice.Elijah has a field of dandelions in his house.
OK enough yapping about Elijah number 2. is John Earth Hammer he is a level 51 balance wizard. He has a pet hydra that is named Sir Jackson, Sir Jackson is a baby hydra. He has level 50 gear on it is from the 39 dollar gift card at Game Stop. His badge is Grand master sorcerer he also has a house not MFP but a small WC [wizard city] house. He has a griffin mount also from the Game Stop card. Now number 3. Cody Jade Heart my life wizard. Cody is level 30 He has a pet sea turtle [that has sprightly] named maximus his current badge is book worm. His mount is a chestnut pony his house is the same type my balance wizard has.
          Now number 4. is my storm wizard Elijah storm heart. He has no pets or mount his current badge is adept diviner. He is level 22 and has a small marlybone house to live in. He right now has 4 pink dandelions to take care of. Number 5. Elijah death wielder [Death] is level 19 he has a fierce hound [with sprightly] and you guessed it also came from the 39 dollar gift card. He has black wings for a mount has his dorm room as a house. Now last but not least it is my second balance wizard Lucas hawk breeze. Lucas is level 13 and his badge right now is initiate sorcerer. Lucas has a pet crabling from the crazed forest spirit in mushu. Lucas lives in his dorm room and he does not have a mount.

Phew hope you could read through all of that.

 See you in the spiral!


  1. Welcome to the community!
    Now, I'm no famous wizard but who knows! Maybe YOU will be! Just remember its about fun! Not fame >:o! :D Good luck!
    ~Vanessa EmeraldGlade!

  2. Great first post, Elijah. Six different wizards? That seems like a lot. How do you keep it all straight? How do you choose which one to play? Which is your favorite? Happy blogging, Elijah.....

  3. I like the part about number 6