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22 November, 2012

I`m back with an Update!

Hey everyone, i know it`s been a long time since i actually posted something but i thought you guys would like an update of how things are going over in my wizard101 universe. First off i made a myth wizard named Elijah MythHeart he is now level 44 and is in the drake hatchery. I recently made as strom wizard and his name is Elijah Rainheart. He is level 19 and is in the throne room of fire. Yesterday i was looking for the prehistoric bundle at Walmart but i couldn`t find one, so i bought the Hawk rider bundle instead! I redeemed that bundle for lvl 10 gear and a wand. I LOVE the wand! The wand gives me a extra pip at start so i don`t have to wait till level 20 to get an extra pip.

My thanks giving was awesome i loved the food! I also loved that a lot of my family was there! Well i guess i`ll head on out! Cya!

-Elijah LightThief

P.S. Don`t forget about Black Friday.
p.p.s. My black Friday consists of wizard101 questing!