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31 December, 2011

New years resolutions

Hi all you witches and wizards! Now i know a lot of blogers  have been doing this but i`m going to do this too. MY new years resolution!  Ah.. 2011 a great year for me:

Wizard 101 stuff that i did this year:
-get to level 60
- start a 2nd account
-help Ditto beat Malistare
-Went to a lot of awesome party's
-Started this blog
-Made lots of awesome new friends
-Got a super bundle

Irl things:

-went to many bar/ bat mitsvah`s
-started bar mitsvah lessons
- got a kindle fire
- parents got new windows for house ( who wouldn`t want new windows :P)
-got new glasses

My goals for 2012:

w101 goals for 2012:

-Get my level 32 storm wizard to level 70
-Get my second account guy to lvl 20
-start a large garden
-spam KI freegames rewards

Irl goals for 2012:

-Get ggood grades
_learn how toeat healther
-Make more irl friends!
-learn how to chant torah with out trope or vowels!

Happy new years eve every one! have a great new year!

See you in the spiral in 2012!
-Elijah light thief

23 December, 2011

w101 birthday party review

Hello every one!  today i am going to give a review of my party from the 22nd (Dec.). Alright so i`ll say the good news first: i had 4 people with me which isn`t a lot but i`ll take any thing! alright now for the inprovments:

1. I could have decorated a little more and neater

2. I should have put a notice of my party on monday so more people would have known about it

3. i should have planned some activities so people might be/stay there longer.

In all it was a great little party it only lasted 45 miunites though. Thanks to everyone who gave me gifts or just came THANKS SO MUCH! :D

See you in the spiral!

-Elijah Light Thief

22 December, 2011

My birthday and party!

Alright witches and wizards i am going to have a party in my MFP today as my birthday party because today is my actual birthday!

When: 3:45 PST)
where: my MFP; go to ice tower realm wu and ill pick all you up at 3:45 with my port bus elijah light thief death lvl 10

occasion: my birthday!

See you in the spiral!!!

-Elijah light thief

13 December, 2011

How to create a wizard 101 menorah

Hi everyone it has been a while since i have done a good length post well today i am going to make a guide on how to make a menorah. So, what you need is 9 small candles, 9 sledge hammers, 1 floor torch, 1 tatami mat, 2  labeled crates and a blue runner or a large watcher rug.   First step: place the tatami mat down place the blue runner(BR) and large watch rug down(LWR). like so:
Place the rug by the small blue trim rug (sbtr) on the crate and move the crate like this:

Now place 4 mallets  and a torch on on the LWR:
 Now, take the other box and stack it on the box and rug like this:

Now see the little pieces of the mallet sticking out? we are going to put the candles there except for the torch.

Now sorry i didn`t tell you this earlier but your going to need another box to make the rug higher. Now you need to put the candle on top of the malet.
THen move the boxes away and now you have a menorah perfect for Hanukkah. :D
(and yes i am Jewish that's why i`m doing this)

Alright you guys see you in the spiral!
-Elijah light thief

03 December, 2011


Hi everyone! i am here to show you my progress of my storm wizard :D here`s a pic:
Now for my video  link of me casting the lvl 68 spell for ice in the test realm: I`ll be posting again very soon i promise!

See you in the spiral! -Elijah light thief