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18 February, 2012

My 3rd wizardversary!

Hello every one! apparently my 3rd wizardversary was on thursday the 16th! So... i plan to have a party Wednesday febuary 22nd at 3:00 PST in my sun palace. Find my port bus elijah light thief death in the ic tower in ravenwood realm wu I will postpone the party if need be. At my party you can win a teir 4 ki free games code if you win a pvp match! Now i will be watching the pvp match as will other people if they come and i will see who is the winner.

See you in the spiral!
-Elijah light thief!

My new poem

Hi every one! So today i was bored so i decided to make a new w101 poem. I hope you like it! Here it is:

In wizard 101 you can have fun train your pet, questing all day long, decorating your house making friends!
All of wizard city to roam, all of Krokotpia to look up in a encyclopedia, Marley bone see all the bones and say What? What?woof!
Then there`s mooshu exploring all of our MOO friends, then there’s dragonspyre, where conspireing happens all day long!
Celestia, go explore Atlantis under water
Then there’s zafaria land filled with zebras monkeys lions and so much more to explore.
There`s grizzlehiem and wintertusk, frost, snow, ravens, wolfs, bears, pigs you`ll find them here!
There wisteria, hogwarts,magic,and a bunch of bacon, to be eaten… or defeated!

Thats all i have! 
See you in the spiral! 
-Elijah LightThief


14 February, 2012

Its time for a colossal post !! MUHAHAHA! (1)

Hello every one so its time that i owe all you guys a colossal post! MUHAHAHA! Now i will rundown what i will cover in this post: 1 i am going to talk about updates on my storm and what i am doing next on my storm. I am going to do a triple clothing of the week. I am going to do a double pet of the week. Also i am going too do a treasure card of the week. Last but not least i am going too make a guide on where you can get plants. Alright! Lights! Camera! Action!

1. Alright lets start with my storm wizard. So first my storm has gone on a lot of adventures in the past month; that is in Marley Bone and Mooshu. First i will report my storm Elijah ThunderSword`s level and what place he is in. Right now my storm is level 38 and is going to get a key to the dojo in taktaki out post. My storm has been gaining levels very very quickly. MY storm got through Marley bone. marleybone was actually not that bad with my storm wizard seeing as i can kill everything in like 4 rounds XD. My storm killed that cat named meowiarty or something like that i think i spelled it wrong though.Any way my storm got to mooshu and none to soon he go into soemfights with ninja pigs (bacon! unkosher though D:), trolls, alive trees (Ahh!) and some out laws. After getting out of hamastu village at level 37 my storm went to the out post and did some work with gamma`s brother to retake the out post. Now my storm will go and seek out more adventures and trials that will await this young wizard. What will become of my storm? All of that coming up in the next post.

Now for to do the clothing item of the week for 3 pieces of clothing.This time i will be doing these 3 clothing items of the week. These 3 clothing items of the week will be ALL crown items again and i will tell you the stats, where you can get them for crowns only, where you can get it dropped from if you can get it droped from a boss and what level is required to wear the clothing item. Oh yea and i cannot give you a picture of the clothing item but i can give you the details on everything else. 

Alright... Now for the first clothing item of the week: The Brogans of Decrepitude. I personally LOVE these crown shoes. I will tell you why in a minute. The stats are for level 35+ only. These boots give you 156 health, 2% more Power pip percentage, 5% universal resist AND if that wasn`t enough to top it all off with a weakness card. Lol This part is what i just read from w101 wiki lol: apparently the boots are dropped from the jade oni and the death oni LOL i didn`t even know that at the time i bought it lol. Any way the reason i like these boots so much is that they just are go powerfull IMO for all my characters. Especially my storm. Alright lets go on too clothing item number 2.

Our next clothing item of the week is... The Bird callers coustome! this robe is acually one that have never decided to purchase but i love the stats and card that comes with it. This robe stats are as follows: 112 health,3% universal accuracy, 3% universal damage and a sunbird card. As far as I know i don`t know where this robe is dropped as of yet but soon i will find out i am sure. Thats my second now onto my 3rd clothing item of the week:D.

The clothing item of the week is the Head Gear Of The Sylph!  I love this hat because it gives me a dryad card :D. Also it is really good and my storm is wearing it right now because it is so good for his level. So this AMAZING hat has some good stats, let me break them down for you. This hat gives you a total of 200 health, 5% universal resist, 2% power pip chance AND a dryad card. :D i love this hat ANY WAY now its time to get to the pet of the Week(S).

Now i will explain how the pet of the week works. So, what i do in my pet of the week segment is i pick out a pet. Then i will tell you the stats and what talents or derby powers the pet can get. I will also explain where you can buy/ get the pet dropped from. Last but not least i will show you a picture of the pet.

Now for the pet of the week! This pet of the week is the patriotic leprechaun! This pet is also one of my silly/favorite pets of all time! I named my pet Sam (for uncle Sam). So the talents this pet can get are: Pip o` plenty, life giver, mana gift, life proof, spritely, life shot, health gift, drop it,  MC life trap and MC life blade.    Now for the derby skills: Musical lane, slick-N-slide, move it, super delay, bannannas, spiffy pop, scoot, immunity, mega hurry, clear path. As you can see i like this pet a lot and i will tell you something else. This pet loves wheat crackers and etc. You buy this pet from the crowns shop for 2500 crowns but its retired atm unless you get it through hatching.

 Now the next pet of the week is the fierce hound! I love this pet because one its a hound (duh)  and 2. this pet is awesome. Now this pets talents it can get are: pip o` plenty, death shot, mana gift, spritely, health gift, death giver, death proof, feinting spell, death trap and MC death shield. Now for this pets derby skills: musical lane, bombbarder, sap, banannas, super charge, spiffy pop, charge up, immunity, big hurry and super hurry. I love this pet as i told you. You may ask, where do you get the feirce hound from? Well i will tell you. You can get this pet by hatching or if you want to get the talents listed hre then you have to buy the epic bundle for $39 on Ok! now for a new segement that i call treasure card of the month! Here`s how it works:

Ok so this treasure card of the month works like my other segments. In this segment i will pick out a treasure card i will tell you its damage range, the treasure card name, its school how much pips it costs and where you can buy/get the treasure card dropped from.I will also show you a picture of what this treasure card looks like.

 Alright, the treasure card of the month is lightning bats! I love this treasure card epecially at low levels because storm is a great secondary school for some classes. this trasure card drops from General Akilles, Nebit Nirini,soul keeper and lord nightshade. This card costs 2 pips does 285-330 damage. you can buy this treasure card from Zan`ae in KT library, the dog in the WC library, the archivist in the district of stars and the bazaar.Thats all for the treasure card of the week!

Now its time for my plant guide! I will be doing the celestia plant guide on where you can buy the plants that celestia sells and if they drop. Also i will tell what reward level the plant is. So its time for my plant guide.

Celestia plants:

1. Trumpet vines! these fun plants cost 2400 gold and are very musical. These plants have a reward level of four and  the challange  level is 4. You can get these from a drop from:

Agnetta Broadblade,

Amra Blackmane,

 Blackback Soldier , Dhakir Bloodthorn,

 Ghadir Dreamdrinker,

 Goliath Bra'kym'tra,

 Goliath Bruiser,


 Ogun Daggertooth,  and Winterbranch. Alright so you will need  magic, music, flyswatter or below to take care of this plant. you can get a chance of gold, 1 treasure card, chance of trumpet vine seed and a chance of a silver trumpet vine seed. Ok! now for the pictures :D Here we go!

                                                              I got my spell!!!!
                                                     Me taking down the oni to get the water for my spell :D
                                      Me being visited by a storm lord for my last ingredient for my trition. :D

That is all my pictures that i can show to you right now. Its time to start thinking about my next big w101 project The Seder Plate! Well that's all for my Colossal post!

See you in the spiral! 
-Elijah Light Thief