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18 February, 2012

My new poem

Hi every one! So today i was bored so i decided to make a new w101 poem. I hope you like it! Here it is:

In wizard 101 you can have fun train your pet, questing all day long, decorating your house making friends!
All of wizard city to roam, all of Krokotpia to look up in a encyclopedia, Marley bone see all the bones and say What? What?woof!
Then there`s mooshu exploring all of our MOO friends, then there’s dragonspyre, where conspireing happens all day long!
Celestia, go explore Atlantis under water
Then there’s zafaria land filled with zebras monkeys lions and so much more to explore.
There`s grizzlehiem and wintertusk, frost, snow, ravens, wolfs, bears, pigs you`ll find them here!
There wisteria, hogwarts,magic,and a bunch of bacon, to be eaten… or defeated!

Thats all i have! 
See you in the spiral! 
-Elijah LightThief


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