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21 January, 2012

Clothing item of the week! (1)

Hi every one! I have a new idea for my blog it is: Clothing item of the week! this is how this seiries works: i will pick the first one but evry one else can comment if you like to say which clothing item i should do next. Here it goes: 
My first clothing item of the week is going to be Jacket of Withstanding. Now you may be wondering what is the stats of this jacket? well if you didn`t click on the link i will tell you. THis level 5 robe gives you 175 health, 3% universal resist, and a tower shield card! This robe is very powerful for low levels in mt opinion. Now since you have heard me talk about this robe you may be asking where can i get this robe? well i will now tell you. You can buy the jacket of Withstanding for 1200 Crowns in the robe shop in wizard city you can buy the robe from victor darkwood. The only place that i know of that drops this robe is lord night shade in the haunted cave off Trition avenue in wizard city. I personally love this robe and i think you probally would too for your lower level wizards. Well thats all i have for now.

See you in the spiral!

-Elijah LightThief

17 January, 2012

Pet of the week (2)

Hi you witches and wizards! Its my first post of 2012! Any way, now its time for pet of the week! I haven`t done the pet of the week in a long time so this weeks pet is... The Earth walker!

  Now this pet cap be found in a few ways. The first way is too get the earth walker from the WC pet shop for 10280 Crowns. (sheesh that's a lot of crowns) The next way you can get a earth walker is by the wyvern hoard packs(WHP) in the crown shop but i don`t reccomend getting the earth walker this way. I got my earth walker by the WHP by luck but i wasn`t even looking for it even so, DON`T TRY YOUR luck with those stupid packs :P. YOu can get this green and brown fella also from hatching. ALso you can get this earth walker by getting him as a boss drop from Tumok Gravelbeard,  Earth Elemental, AND     Malistaire.  I have not trained my earth elemental yet but i might train him soon for my life wiz. ANY way have a nice tuesday the 17th XD Cya!

-Elijah light thief


14 January, 2012

My first w101 Vlog

Hi every one i am trying to start a vlog about wizard101 i tried it this time. It didn`t work out so great so i am going to post it any ways. next time i need to write out what to say. Any way here is my not so good vlog.

 Here is the link: