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17 January, 2012

Pet of the week (2)

Hi you witches and wizards! Its my first post of 2012! Any way, now its time for pet of the week! I haven`t done the pet of the week in a long time so this weeks pet is... The Earth walker!

  Now this pet cap be found in a few ways. The first way is too get the earth walker from the WC pet shop for 10280 Crowns. (sheesh that's a lot of crowns) The next way you can get a earth walker is by the wyvern hoard packs(WHP) in the crown shop but i don`t reccomend getting the earth walker this way. I got my earth walker by the WHP by luck but i wasn`t even looking for it even so, DON`T TRY YOUR luck with those stupid packs :P. YOu can get this green and brown fella also from hatching. ALso you can get this earth walker by getting him as a boss drop from Tumok Gravelbeard,  Earth Elemental, AND     Malistaire.  I have not trained my earth elemental yet but i might train him soon for my life wiz. ANY way have a nice tuesday the 17th XD Cya!

-Elijah light thief


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