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29 June, 2012

Update! 6-29-12

Hello, every one I know I haven`t made a post in a VERY LONG TIME but I will give you guys a quick update. I have been playing my ice character in Avalon and he is now level 72 and he is in the beginning of the wild. I also made a new balance character called ELijah HexSlinger. Elijah hex slinger is in new-gate prision and he is now level  32. My hope for my balance is that some day he will get his chimera pet.
I am very excited for the new card pack
that is named the pagoda something. I really don`t remember the name. This bundle is at target and it has a mount, two sets of clothing, a bow and a pagoda dungeon housing item.
-See you in the spiral!

Elijah LightTHief