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18 September, 2011

stone block tips + my secret celestial observatory project!

Hey every one sorry i have been silent for a while with school and everything. But here are some ways  to find stone blocks i got a response in spiral live`s chat room!: Lots of stone blocks in ds academy. lots of ore there too.
MorgrimTrollfriend: ummm, everywhere once you star Krok XD
MorgrimTrollfriend: I've found a ton in the Anetheum behind the buildings
elijah light thief: ty for tips! :)
FlameGirl: yeah there too
MorgrimTrollfriend: if you find a place with some, then you just switch through realms. Then you can get a lot :)

That`s my stone block tips now for my secret project: Building my celestial observatory! For the past 2 months i have been working on my own celestial observatory! I got all the regents and pieces to build it and i crafted it as of 5:45 PST! (SIde note: i got a one month sub!) So i will be holding another contest for answering this question: What  2 schools of w101 do you like the most and why. I will be choosing winners via the contest ends Sunday 9/25/11 in the morning PST the winners (there will be 2) will get a tier 4 KI free games code! Good luck!

Cya in the spiral!'

P.S I`ll be working on your code very soon Vanessa.

P.P.S Here is a Pic of my observatory and also For the cure on the w101 cancer walk!