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08 August, 2011

Sounds of w101 part one the myth attack spells. + contest 3.5

Hi every body! today i am going to do a guide on the sounds of wizard 101 spells. I am making this guide for people who are sadly deaf in our community  like kelsey fire heart and  Diana wild heart.So today i am going to try as best as i can i`ll start with the myth spells:

Blood bat sounds: 1. he shoots the green blood sound: bleh

            2.When he flyies around the opponent sound: vrooom

Troll sounds:1. when the troll hits the ground with his club: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2. when he jumps on you:Arrrrrrr!

cyclops( level 10 spell) sounds:  1. oppp  x blows x pow!
2.  ahh pow!

humongofrog sounds: Blehh!

Minitour sounds:hoo oa! boom  vrroomp.

Orauthus: howllllll!! Ruff ruff ruff ruff OWwwwwwwwww!

Meadusea: hissa! haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ninja pigs: hoa wih o yea! o yea o yea goo a kabeep.

That is all i have on the sounds of w101 today. I hope i did an ok job probaly got it all wrong. Any way so contest 3.5 is to answer this question by commenting and put your e mail there your email there: what pet is this:

See in the spiral!

P.s who ever wins gets a tier 4 ki free games code! :D

Elijah out!