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06 December, 2013

Sunken City Dungeon Guide!

Hello Wizard101ers! Today I am going to write about how to get through Sunken City as a life wizard! Spoilers follow! So If you do not want to be spoiled please do not read this post!

The first Boss: The Banshee Sisters
These are the same enemies that roam the street. Each one has 575 health and is death. What I did is I put  a life trap on one, then I shielded, then healed, and then attacked. Some treasure cards that I would recommend are: Giants, and reshuffle. I picked Giants because they will make your attacks stronger. I picked reshuffle so you could have more cards if you ran out of cards.
The second boss: Paulson
This boss is death and has two Banshee minions fighting along with her. Paulson has 875 health, and her minions have 575 health each. This was a really tough fight for me. The only way that I beat it is I shielded like crazy and saved up 8 pips for a forest lord treasure card, which does 600 damage to all enemies. I also packed a life blade and a satyr treasure card just in case.

Third boss; Norton
You will find Norton at the top of his tower, you have to fight up three floors to get to him. He has 870 health and his minions are myth and have 500 health. I would follow the same tactics as the last fight, but I would be prepared for life shields since myth enemies can shield to life and death attacks.

The final boss: Grubb
Now you must be tired and want to get out. But before your mission is complete you must face the final boss: Grubb! Grubb has 1000 health and is flanked by his two fire minions that have 675 health each! What I did on this fight was I got a fire shield amulet and shielded like crazy, and I healed when I was attacked. Then I used a forest lord treasure card to take care of the minions. Then I healed up and I put a life trap on grub and used a seraph to finish the dungeon!
Thanks for reading!
See you in the spiral!
-Elijah L.

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